Firm Philosophy

We are aware of the high ethical standards and social mission required of lawyers
in today’s globalized and information-oriented society,
and we aim to contribute to help achieve a fair, free, and healthy society
by providing sincere and high-quality legal services
and public interest activities with outstanding teamwork
that’s backed by the firm’s tradition-driven experience
and knowledge and our cutting-edge expertise gained through daily practice.

Spirit of the Firm

We aim to carry on the spirit of our founder, Daijiro Kikkawa.

Daijiro Kikkawa, the founder of our firm, took his first steps as a legal professional in the capacity of a judge. When he was assigned to a civil provisional remedy case as a judge, he was confronted with the reality that there were no appropriate textbooks or literature on civil provisional remedies. He learned that the field of civil provisional remedies itself was a completely unknown field.

This led Kikkawa to develop a strong interest in civil provisional remedies, and he decided to become a researcher and open up the field of civil provisional remedies on his own. As a professor at Ritsumeikan University, he immersed himself in research and eventually established an unshakeable position as a pioneer in the field of civil provisional remedies. Kikkawa’s ideas have become the basic guidelines for the current Civil Execution Act and Civil Provisional Remedies Act.

Kikkawa, who was reputed to have the playing strength of a 7th dan Go player (he was officially awarded 8th dan after his death), had a deep attachment to a Torreya wood Go board. Analogous to Torreya wood, which has strong heartwood and a pliable surface, Kikkawa tried to maintain flexibility in his relationships with others without revealing the rigidity of his inner core. This spirit has been preserved in the attorney-client relationships in our firm.

In keeping with Kikkawa’s pioneering spirit and concern for human relationships, the attorneys at our firm are always willing to do our utmost to serve our clients in the most cutting-edge fields.

Kikkawa’s Personal History and Career

Daijiro Kikkawa

Born in Kyoto City, graduated from a Daisan Senior High School (old system) and Kyoto University (LL.B.)
Served as a judge at Okayama, Nara and Osaka district courts.
Registered as a lawyer (Kyoto Bar Association)
Professor, College of Law, Ritsumeikan University (Civil Procedure Law, Bankruptcy Law)
Registered as a lawyer (Osaka Bar Association)
Examiner for the bar exam (except in 1949)
Received the degree of Doctor of Laws
Returned to the position of professor at the College of Law, Ritsumeikan University
President, Osaka Bar Association
President, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Professor Emeritus, Ritsumeikan University
President, Japan Lawyers Association
Conferred the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure
Passed away at Kyoto Katsura Hospital

History of the Firm

  • May 1942

    Daijiro Kikkawa, the founder of the firm, opens a private
    office in Higashi-ku, Osaka City

    April 1946

    Moved to Kita-ku, Osaka City and established Kikkawa Law Office

  • September 1978

    Following the sudden passing of Daijiro Kikkawa, the firm is renamed Kikkawa Sogo Law Office.

    May 1980

    Ryuichiro Harai became the representative partner


    Ryuichiro Harai devoted himself to the enactment of the Civil Provisional Remedies Act as a member of the Civil Procedure Act Committee and the Compulsory Execution System Committee of the Legislative Council

  • December 2000

    Due to an increase in the number of attorneys and administrative staff, the firm moved to Aqua Dojima Building and changed its name to Kikkawa Law Offices

    December 2005

    Masatoshi Ohara replaces Ryuichiro Harai as Representative Partner

  • September 2008

    Became an affiliated firm of TERRALEX, which includes law firms from about 150 jurisdictions around the world.

    June 2009

    Kikkawa Sogo (General) Law Offices was founded and the Tokyo Office was opened

  • April 2014

    Tomoyuki Nishide was appointed Vice President of Osaka Bar Association

    April 2017

    Masatoshi Ohara was appointed Vice President of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and President of the Osaka Bar Association

    December 2017

    Moved to Nakanoshima Festival Tower West

  • April 2021

    Hiroshi Tanaka became Vice President of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and President of the Osaka Bar Association.


    Ranked in the General Business Law category (Osaka) by Chambers and Partners, one of the most authoritative rating organizations for law firms worldwide in the field of corporate legal affairs

    January 2022

    Hiroshi Tanaka replaces Masatoshi Ohara as Representative Partner

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  • Osaka

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      530-0005 JAPAN

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      Osaka Metro
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      YODOYABASHI, Midosuji Line

      WATANABEBASHI, Nakanoshima Line

      KITASHINCHI, Tozai Line


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  • Tokyo

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      FUKOKUSEIMEI BLDG 15F, 2-2-2
      100-0011 JAPAN

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      TEL : 03-3580-6767
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