Family Law and
Asset Management

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Domestic relations cases cover a wide range of issues, from divorce, custody, and adoption to inheritance-related matters, including division of property, wills, and residuary portions, and because they arise between family members, it is essential to understand not only the legal theory but also the background of the dispute and the relationship between the parties.

Our philosophy is to listen carefully to our clients’ concerns and anxieties at every stage of the process, from out-of-court consultations to mediation, trial, and litigation, and to organize the case from a legal perspective, respecting them as much as possible, in order to achieve the best possible solution for our clients. Even in cases that require meticulous consideration of the relationships between the parties, we will respond in good faith with the ethics and common sense of legal professionals.

We have attorneys with extensive experience in handling various types of family law cases, and we provide advice appropriate to individual situations and circumstances in various types of cases, including international family law cases and consultations with financial institutions regarding measures to be taken when inheritance occurs.

In addition to procedures related to the adult guardianship system, we also provide guardianship services, conclude power of attorney agreements for property management and voluntary guardianship agreements, prepare wills, and utilize trust systems to ensure proper asset management for the elderly, a field in which demand has been increasing in recent years.


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