Finance, Insurance
and Leasing

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In order to provide appropriate legal services regarding the operations of financial institutions, etc., it is vital to be knowledgeable on various laws and regulations including financial regulatory laws (Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Banking Act, Insurance Business Act, Trust Business Act, etc.), supervisory and other guidelines established by the Financial Services Agency and other administrative agencies. But experience and understanding of the practices of financial institutions are also essential.

In recent years, understanding of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other related laws and regulations has become indispensable not only for financial institutions but also for general companies in regards to M&As, insider trading prevention, and internal control systems.

Our firm provides legal services from a wide range of perspectives, with multiple lawyers working as a team to handle a variety of situations, including contract drafting, leniency applications, and internal investigations.

In the insurance business, we provide a wide range of advice with respect to the Insurance Business Act.

We provide appropriate advice on matters related to contracts, the handling of bankruptcies, licensing and business regulations, etc., in accordance with the particularities of each lease deal, which includes a wide variety of transaction types.


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