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In today’s world of expanding governmental functions, the daily activities of individuals and companies are subject to complex governmental regulations, and the opportunities and the necessity for legal professionals to be involved in administrative procedures and disputes is on the rise.

Since its establishment, our firm has been a pioneer in the deep study of issues in this field from a practical perspective, having been involved in a number of prominent administrative lawsuits with high precedential significance. By utilizing the knowledge we have accumulated, we provide a variety of legal services, including advice on the interpretation and application of administrative laws and regulations, and the prosecution of administrative lawsuits such as tax suits and revocation suits, not only by request from the national and local governments as administrative entities, but also from the perspective of companies and individuals subject to administrative regulations.

When companies are subjected to administrative investigations such as guidance, requests, audits, on-site inspections, etc., by administrative authorities in Japan and overseas, we provide advice on how to respond to such investigations and, if necessary, submit written opinions to the authorities. In addition, when launching new businesses, we examine compliance with various governmental regulations and negotiate with governmental authorities to prevent disputes after the fact.

In addition to attorneys who have been seconded to administrative agencies, we have many attorneys who are familiar with the organizations, systems, and procedures of administrative agencies, including attorneys who have served as members of various councils, study groups, and committees belonging to ministries, agencies, and local governments, as well as attorneys who have been appointed as external auditors of local governments. These attorneys are able to respond appropriately and swiftly to a wide range of cases with sophisticated legal theories that they have cultivated from diverse perspectives.


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