Service detail

In addition to providing consultation on the taxation of transactions and economic events that occur on a day-to-day basis, including corporate tax and income tax, we are also actively involved in requests for examination (national tax appeal) and revocation litigation in cases where a tax authority has actually imposed a correction or other taxation penalty.

In addition, we also focus on providing consultation services and dispute resolution services in the field of asset taxation, such as inheritance tax, gift tax, and transfer income tax, as well as engaging in tax-related civil litigation, such as the resolution of claims for compensation due to tax errors, in addition to cases against the taxation agency (the government).

We not only conduct in-depth research and study of past judgments, decisions, and related literature, and theoretically examine the interpretation of difficult tax laws, but also carefully gather facts that affect the legality of taxation dispositions, etc., down to the smallest detail, and organize them appropriately to make persuasive arguments.

We have attorneys with expertise in taxation and accounting, and these attorneys provide detailed legal services that meet the needs of our clients, collaborating with tax accountants and certified public accountants as necessary.


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