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Employment issues are a fundamental part of corporate management and cannot be avoided. Particularly in recent years, not only are laws and regulations constantly being amended, but also the labor environment has been changing rapidly in line with social changes, and it has become increasingly important to not only maintain a daily environment for personnel and labor issues, but also to respond quickly when problems surface.

We provide legal advice on personnel and labor issues tailored to the size and circumstances of companies, and draft and provide guidance on employment contracts and personnel-related regulations such as employment rules, while appropriately following legal revisions and administrative guidelines. Our firm handles various issues such as wages, working hours and other working conditions, disciplinary actions, various types of harassment, work-related accidents, and avoidance of collaboration after retirement, as well as resolving disputes through litigation, provisional measures, mediation, and labor tribunals in relation to labor problems that have emerged, and we actively engage in collective bargaining with labor unions.

Many of our attorneys have extensive experience and expertise in representing primarily corporate clients, and these attorneys support our clients in preventing disputes and resolving disputes that have emerged in an early and appropriate manner. 


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