Criminal Defense

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In the course of a company’s various business activities, the company itself or its executives and employees may be held criminally liable, or conversely, the company may become embroiled in a criminal case and become a victim. When a company is faced with such a criminal case, it becomes difficult for the company to adequately respond to the criminal case in parallel with its normal business activities.

In addition to providing prompt and adequate legal services to obtain indictments in various criminal cases arising from corporate activities from the investigation stage, and even if a case is prosecuted, we provide appropriate and thorough legal services to obtain an acquittal or a sentence commensurate with the crime committed.

In addition to the defense of criminal cases, we also provide legal advice and in-house training to prevent corporate crimes, investigate the facts when a company is the victim of a criminal act, file a complaint or charge based on the investigation, and formulate measures to prevent recurrence.

Our firm has lawyers who have extensive knowledge and experience in crimes involving corporations, including lawyers who have worked as judges and prosecutors, and these lawyers are able to respond quickly.


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