Compliance and
Crisis Management

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In recent years, the number of cases requiring crisis management, including corporate scandals, has been on the rise. Society has become increasingly critical of corporate crisis management, and a failure to respond could result not only in direct damage caused by the scandal, but also in significant tangible and intangible repercussions, such as damaged credibility that could jeopardize the survival of the company.

In order to prevent the occurrence of serious misconduct, we are actively involved in the development of corporate compliance and internal control systems during regular times, including advice on the formulation of internal regulations and audits of their application, as well as daily advice on the interpretation and application of various laws and regulations, and compliance training for executives and employees.

In addition, in the event of an actual serious scandal, we take various measures to minimize the damage caused to the company and to restore the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders, including initial responses, which involve hearings with those involved and handling investigations and probes by authorities, clarification of the case through detailed internal investigations (including third-party committees), and the establishment of measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

The firm has a number of attorneys with extensive experience in supporting the development of compliance systems and responding to misconduct cases, including attorneys with experience working for government authorities, and the presence of these attorneys enables the firm to respond quickly and appropriately to each case.


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