Litigation and
Dispute Resolution

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Our firm is actively involved in large-scale litigation cases that attract major attention, as well as specialized litigation cases that require complex and advanced knowledge, for example, of medical and cutting-edge science and technology. We are also well versed in various types of litigation, including corporate litigation, intellectual property litigation, real estate litigation, financial litigation, product liability litigation, and administrative litigation.

In light of the recent increase in the importance of dispute resolution by methods other than litigation, depending on the nature of the case, we have focused our efforts on resolving disputes not only through voluntary negotiations, but also through various types of mediation procedures, and have achieved excellent results. In addition, we have experience in arbitration proceedings, which are used not only for international disputes but also as a means of resolving domestic disputes, both as a petitioning attorney and as an arbitrator.

We aim to resolve disputes promptly, effectively, and in a socially-just manner through the involvement of a team of attorneys with expertise and experience suitable for the characteristics of each dispute.


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