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We have been involved in many M&A transactions, including mergers, company splits, business transfers, and stock transfers, regardless of the industry or the type or size of the deal. We have provided professional and prompt legal services in each process, from deciding on the scheme, conducting legal due diligence, negotiating the contract, and closing the deal.

M&A transactions require experience and expertise in a variety of legal fields, including not only major laws such as the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Antimonopoly Act, intellectual property laws, and labor laws, but also various business laws. Additionally, cross-border cases require knowledge of not only Japanese law but also foreign laws and regulations. We provide advanced legal services for M&A transactions by forming a team of attorneys with expertise in each area of practice and by collaborating with local law firms, depending on the characteristics of the deal.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience not only in friendly mergers and acquisitions but also in hostile takeovers, such as hostile takeover bids, and we advise on M&A deals in a variety of situations, ranging from regular to emergency situations. In addition, depending on the size of the deal, we conduct legal due diligence focusing on specific areas of high importance and take other flexible measures to ensure that legal costs do not hinder the implementation of M&A transactions.


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