Bankruptcy and
Business Restructuring

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There are many times when a company faces financial hardships in the course of business, and if unprofitable businesses are not properly disposed of in the course of generational change, they may later become a burden on the people involved.

Our firm proposes the most appropriate procedures according to the client’s position, business situation, and needs, and supports the smooth implementation of these procedures, regardless of the size of the client, from negotiations with financial institutions due to a temporary downturn in the business environment, to private liquidation procedures using Business Revitalization ADR and the Small and Medium Enterprise Revitalization Support Council, to legal procedures such as bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, and special liquidation.

Our firm is certified as a certified business innovation support organization, and we have a number of highly experienced lawyers who represent debtor companies and serve as court-appointed trustees. By combining the expertise and experience of our attorneys into a single team, we are able to provide prompt and accurate solutions to our clients’ problems.

We also provide comprehensive support in cooperation with outside experts who are familiar with bankruptcy law and business reorganization practices, as it is essential to handle practical matters related to taxation, accounting, and various registration procedures in the course of carrying out work related to bankruptcy and business reorganization.


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