Startup, Venture Deal

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Our firm provides advice to startup companies and their owners, regardless of industry or stage. Specifically, we not only advise on a wide range of legal issues commonly faced by starups, including the development of business models and their legality, financing, business alliances, and exits through M&A and IPOs, but also on various laws and regulations to startups that are seeking to use cutting-edge science and technology or develop new business models, such as biotechnology, AI, and sharing economy businesses.

Our firm also provides a wide range of services to venture capital firms (including CVC) and business companies that invest in startups, including conducting legal due diligence on the investee company, reviewing investment schemes, drafting business alliance agreements, and drafting investment and shareholder agreements.

In this way, in addition to our experience in providing support to startups themselves, we are also involved in the development of startups from the side of investors, which is one of the characteristics and strengths of our firm in this field.


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